Benefits with us

No more exposure to sick kids

Prevent your child getting exposed to other sick kids at hospitals or clinics by getting vaccinated at home

Informed decision

Before vaccination, we will discuss with you about the vaccine including potential side effects and risks to help you make an informed decision for your child

Homely comfort for you and your kid

No more taking leaves, packing bags and travelling to hospitals.

No more missed dates

Never miss a vaccination date as we send reminders for the upcoming vaccination session

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What we ensure?

Experienced health workers

Our medical practitioners have enough hands on experience in child and mother healthcare.

Complete session at home

Each session will include vaccination, growth assessment of child and free parent and pediatric counselling.

Efficient cold chain management

Vaccines are carried in automated temperature controlled portable vaccine carriers with power backups to maintain the correct temperature at all times.

No smile no pay

Don’t pay any home visiting charges if you are unhappy with us.

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